Giving children voice on climate change adaptation

Save the Children is helping to strengthen community resilience to climate change in Bangladesh

Children are the frontline in the climate change battle. Save the Children is helping to strengthen community resilience to climate change in Bangladesh – by listening to young people.

In Bangladesh we're integrating children and young people in climate change resilience action by addressing their needs and using their initiatives.

Why child-centred climate change adaptation is important

Comprised of low-lying land and flood plains, Bangladesh – with it's booming population of 133 million – is extremely vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

The majority of Bangladeshi people rely on agriculture to survive – one of the industries hit hardest by changes to the environment. National Geographic places Bangladesh as the most vulnerable nation to climate change in the coming decades, which means we need to ensure they have the best adaptation methods right now.

Save the Children's Child-focused Climate Change program

We're developing an adaptive culture around climate change for children and their families, where activities are designed and implemented by the people affected by climate change. This increases their understanding of risks and their vulnerabilities.

Our focus is to listen to needs identified by children, young people, and their families, so we can create the best adaptation measures at a local level and share these throughout the region.

How we know we're making a difference

We know that right now, 70 percent of the children and young people reached through this program have become more aware of climate-resilient livelihood options. More than 4,500 children and young people, and more than 3,600 caregivers, are now able to develop and implement local-level adaptation in their communities.

Who makes our program possible

Save the Children have partnered with local organisations including Uddipan, Solidarity, Prodipan, Association for Community Development and Community Participation in Development. We also work in partnership with local government departments and communities in our project area.

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