Development and learning for children in Pakistan

Save the Children is preparing children for success in school by improving Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)

For many children, early development and education can be the pathway to an empowered life, free from poverty. In Pakistan, Save the Children is preparing children for success in school by improving Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE).

We're working in north-east Pakistan to create positive and inclusive learning environments for all school-aged children – particularly those from traditionally marginalised and vulnerable parts of society, such as girls, orphans, and children living in remote communities.

Why early childhood care and education is important

In Pakistan, about half of children – girls and boys – are missing out on school. Many children who are in school do not have access to a quality education.

The quality of care and nurturing a child receives during their early years is profoundly important for healthy growth and development. Early learning programs are crucial to future success and positive experiences with education.

Our Early Childhood Care and Education program

We're creating strong early childhood care and learning in four of Pakistan's most disadvantaged regions – Peshawar, Abbotabad, Buner and Battagram.

We work closely with communities to establish ECCE home-based centres that are accessible for the most vulnerable children. We also work with local primary schools to ensure children are getting support and quality education.

Working closely with the government and local community organisations, we are developing strong relationships to ensure ECCE programs are sustainable, raise awareness of child protection, and can be replicated by local agencies across the north-east region of Pakistan.

How we know we're making a difference

Since 2011, we have reached 218,982 children in 401 government primary schools and their surrounding communities. We have also established 121 home-based Early Childhood Care and Education centres that are attended by more than 2,000 children. More than 50 percent of these children are girls.

Our program partners

Thanks to the generous support of the Australian government and our supporters, Save the Children is improving the education of young children in Pakistan.

In Pakistan we work in partnership with Department of Education. We also work closely with local primary schools in our project areas.

Help give children a better future