Mothers and Babies House

Mothers and Babies House Ceduna

Providing safe and supportive accommodation for mothers and their babies 

In early 2017 Save the Children, with the support of many local health and community agencies, opened the doors to a new supported accommodation service for pregnant women or mothers with newborns and young infants who require accommodation and support in the Ceduna area (in South Australia). 

Why a Mothers & Babies House? 

An Aboriginal or Torres-Strait Island baby born in South Australia is twice as likely to die than a non- indigenous baby. Aboriginal and Torres-Strait Island mothers are also 2-3 times more likely to experience adverse maternal and perinatal outcomes and are 2-5 times more likely to die from pregnancy related complications. 

Evidence also clearly indicates that the right health and nutrition in the first 1,000 days of a child's life builds the foundation for their ability to grow, learn, and earn in the future.  These children are: 

  • 10 TIMES more likely to overcome life-threatening diseases*
  • Are more likely to complete 4.6 MORE GRADES of school*
  • Are more likely to have HEALTHIER FAMILIES as adults*
  • Go on to earn up to 50% more in wages as Adults*

The Mothers and Babies house aims to provide a safe, nurturing and supportive accommodation for women, and their babies, from 36 week's gestation (or up to one month before birth if an early delivery is medically planned) and for up to three months after giving birth.  

The house will particularly cater for Aboriginal women coming from Homeland communities around Ceduna, the lower APY lands and surrounding the western Australian border.

The house is a multi-stakeholder collaborative initiative, developed in cooperation with health and social support service providers in Ceduna and in consultation with the Ceduna Service Reform Agenda.  

* Haddad, L. Child (2013) Growth = Sustainable Economic Growth: Why we should invest in nutrition 

Our Services & Facilities 

The Mothers and Babies House is located in a quiet area  of Ceduna.  It is fully furnished, with a shared kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities. 

The Mothers and Babies House will provide a safe place for women (pre and/or post birth) and will help to connect women and their families with appropriate services. We aim to help new mothers develop skills and knowledge for positive infant health, development and family functioning.

Practical support – assisting with meal planning, hygiene, washing clothes and other household tasks. 

Parenting support – assisting mothers with sleeping, feeding, care and attachment, as directed by visiting professional services. 

Parenting education – delivery of parenting programs and resources to promote early childhood care and development. 

Family support – to address barriers to effective parenting, such as inadequate housing or money issues. 

Coordination of  services - to deliver professional health, parenting support, early childhood and broader family support services.

The house will be staffed 24/7 by friendly, supportive and qualified staff who are all trained in First Aids, SIDS and have signed and adhere to Save the Children's Child protection and child safeguarding code of conduct. They are local women who have strong understanding and links with the community

For more information please contact us

South Australian State Office:
14 Conyngham St (PO Box 114) Glenside SA 5065 
Ph: 8426 8507

Ceduna Office: 
45 McKenzie St (PO Box 522) Ceduna SA 5690
Ph: 8682 4064

Team Leader: 
Jacinta Haseldine 
0437 891 598