Improving children’s health in Laos

Save the Children is improving the health of children and their mothers in Laos.

We train traditional birth attendants and health workers, provide medical equipment and run mobile health clinics for children and families.

Why improving health services in Laos is important

While infant, child and maternal mortality rates have significantly lowered since Save the Children began working in Laos in 1992, the country's health status remains one of worst in the Western Pacific region. Many families live in remote communities with inadequate access to healthcare services. Children are dying from diseases such as diarrhoea and malaria that could be easily treated and prevented.

Save the Children's Primary Health Care program

Our health program works to improve access to and quality of health services in Laos. We provide basic medical equipment and training for government health workers, across all levels of the health system, from village clinics through to provincial hospitals. In remote villages, we train community volunteers who donate their time as health volunteers and traditional birth attendants.

We also run mobile health clinics that visit hundreds of remote villages every year, providing healthcare to children and families that would otherwise have none.

How we know we're making a difference

In the areas we work, child and maternal mortality has dropped to the lowest in the country. We have assisted the government to achieve Millennium Development Goal targets four and five: to reduce child mortality by two thirds and reduce maternal mortality by three quarters. Our program is now being scaled up in new districts.

Since 2012 , we have provided medical equipment to six district hospitals and health centres, and 25 village clinics. We have provided technical, in-service training for 198 nurses, doctors and medical assistants, and maternal nutrition training for more than 1300 volunteers. More than 242 remote villages have received mobile clinics twice during the year, with nearly 500 mobile clinics run in total.

Who makes our program possible

Save the Children delivers the Primary Health Care program in partnership with the Laos government and the Australian government.

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