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Best charities for children's health

Save the Children is one of the best health charities for children and young people across Australia and around the world.

Save the Children is one of the best charities for children's health. We manage & implement programs both in Australia and in 20 other countries around the world that focus on health, education and protecting children. Below we list what makes us one of the best health charities to donate to and how children around the world benefit from the donations made to our organisation. 

What Makes Us One Of The Best Health Charities?

We are one of the largest aid and development organisations in Australia. We provide essential healthcare and medical assistance to children and their families to end preventable child deaths and give them a healthy start in life. Saving children’s lives is at the heart of what we do - it’s the reason we exist.

Our work includes: 

  • Saving children from earthquakes, cyclones, conflict and disease
  • Training health workers and equipping health centres
  • Providing food, nutrition, vaccines, drinking water and disaster assistance
  • Protecting children from being exploited and abused
  • Climate change projects
  • Managing & implementing programs (that focus on education and health) around the world that support children and their families 
  • Producing resources that get people talking about issues affecting children

Mental Health Support

Our initiatives are designed to promote a healthy and positive, safe & supportive start to life and to ensure our communities are strong, safe and connected for children and young people. Our programs focus on educating and protecting children & making them more resilient to things like climate change and disasters. We also provide counselling services for children affected by a disaster. This is what makes us one of the best mental health charities to donate to.

Over 70% of donations goes directly towards program expenditure and we also have multiple measures in place that keep us accountable such as producing evaluation reports, developing policies and ensuring all activities are conducted legally, ethically and following high standards of integrity. 

Help One Of The Best Mental Health Charities To Donate To

Make a single donation or become a monthly giver to one of the best health charities that helps children in need. 

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