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Best charities for kids

Learn about the best charities for kids and how we’re committed to giving all children a positive future. Make a once-off or regular donation to help.

Our commitment to helping kids

The best charities for kids are efficient and effective at making immediate and long-lasting impact. When you want to donate to charities that help kids, it’s important to look at the programs and services they offer. Save the Children Australia is part of a global network of 30 children’s charities that help children and their families. We’re passionately committed to giving all children the best chance for a positive future - from a healthy start in life, to access to education and protection from harm.

Donate to the best charities for kids

If you want to support local kids charities you can make a one-off donation or help make a regular impact with monthly giving. Our frontline and life-saving aid programs reach children and their families in Australia and throughout the world. We are considered one of the best charities for kids with many charity watch groups commending us on achieving outstanding results for children.

Stay up to date on how Save the Children is creating a world where every child has a safe and happy childhood