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Non Profit Charities

Save the Children is one of the only global non-profit charities that are child-focused, independent and secular.

Non profit charities

Save the Children Australia is part of a network of 30 global non profit charities that are child-focused, independent and secular. We know that healthy children stay in school longer, attend more regularly, learn more, and become productive adults. We also know that despite Australia’s wealth and high standard of living, many Australian children struggle to reach their potential because they don't have access to education, healthcare and protection services. More than 17 percent of Australian children fall below the poverty line, and by seeking to support non profit charities near me, you can help to change these children’s lives.

We’ve been running programs in Australia for more than 60 years – from early learning programs which help newly arrived migrant and refugee children settle into Australia, to initiatives that help young people transition out of youth detention. 

You can make a difference by supporting Save the Children. Use our program selector to find ‘non profit charities near me’, join our latest advocacy petition or simply donate today.

Stay up to date on how Save the Children is creating a world where every child has a safe and happy childhood