• Save the Children works to improve the health and survival of mothers and children in some of the poorest communities around the world.  We support the provision of family planning services to help women plan and space pregnancies in a way that does not put their health and their child's well-being at risk. 

    Complications arising from pregnancy, childbirth and unsafe abortions are leading killers of women and girls in developing countries, killing 830 women a day1. When women can decide whether and when to have children, it increases their chances of having a healthy pregnancy, a safe childbirth and a healthy child.

    Supporting women to make choices about if and when to have children helps them plan for their future – enabling them to further their education, participate in the workforce, earn a better income, and save money2. Family planning is therefore a critical and catalytic tool for safeguarding the health and wellbeing of women and girls, and essential to promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment.

    Australia has a critical role to play but our government needs some encouragement

    Our Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has consistently emphasised the importance of helping women and girls to make the world a safer, fairer, more prosperous place for all.

    Yet the amount of funding Australia provides to help women and girls access family planning services in the world’s poorest places has been slashed – it’s now only half of what it was in 2013/143.

    On 11 July leaders and officials from around the world are gathering in London with major donors like Bill and Melinda Gates to discuss how we can better help women and girls to plan their families and their futures.

    We’re calling on the Australian Government to reinstate this life-saving family planning funding, by pledging an additional $10 million each year for the next three years at the London Family Planning Summit.

    Join our call for Julie Bishop to pledge life-saving funding for family planning.

    You can also join in the conversation around the London Family Planning summit using the hashtag #HerFuture on social media.

    Save the Children globally works to:

    • Increase access to, and generate demand for quality family planning and maternal health services.
    • Improve health systems' capacity to deliver quality family planning and maternal health programs.
    • Strengthen the local delivery of family planning information and services, especially to adolescents by training community health workers to provide information about how to safely plan and time pregnancies.
    • Improve policies, enhance systems and services, and build local capacity for health care providers to provide respectful family planning and maternal health care to all girls and women.
    • Understand and overcome practical and cultural barriers to better reproductive health practices by communities and health care providers.
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