• Some people believe anything is possible. Even changing the world. These five fundraisers – armed with a positive approach, some creative flare and a whole lot of good intention – are doing amazing things to support a cause they believe in.

    From gingerbread demolitions to ceramics auctions, we think our supporters are pretty legendary. Here’s how five community fundraising champions put the fun into fundraising to raise gratefully received funds for Save the Children.

    Photo credit: Otti Made Barossa

    Clay for Aleppo Instagram auction

    Ilona Glastonbury, a ceramic artist from South Australia, came across an online pottery auction in the UK. She decided to give it a try here in Oz, to help raise money for people forced from their homes in Syria.

    Ilona set up an Instagram page called Clay for Aleppo and called on the Australian ceramics community to donate pieces for auction. In just two weeks, 269 pieces were donated and sales raised a massive 34,000!

    Save the Children is HUGELY grateful to Ilona for her efforts and for generously directing $10,000 of funds raised to our Syrian Crisis Appeal. Amazing!

    Photo credit: GBDemo

    Gingerbread Demolition

    The Gingerbread Demolition is exactly what it says it is. And it’s a smashing good time!

    Gingerbread houses are clobbered to pieces to raise money for Save the Children’s Cubbies Program. Cubbies provides children – often from families doing it really tough – a safe place to play, create and interact.

    Now in its second year, the Gingerbread Demolition also offers food, live music, drinks and an impressively well-equipped silent auction. This year the event raised over $5,000!

    Organisers Will and Jeanette say it is a sweet, sweet labour of love.

    Four-year-old Finn

    How gorgeous is this little legend?!!

    Four-year-old Finn crafted some beautifully creative sculptures from recycled art supplies and sold them at his own market stall. He raised $150 and donated every cent to Save the Children!


    Hair today, gone tomorrow!

    Karena Conroy had been growing her beautiful tresses for many months. But she was willing to sacrifice (nearly) every strand in the name of charity.

    Karena raised $2,500 for Save the Children and supported the Alopecia Foundation by donating her lopped locks. When you think about the amount of good that can be done with the funds you can raise, having a haircut is a small price toupee. Ha!

    Photo credit: Elodie Burrillon

    Katie and Anil’s wedding

    These two legendary lovebirds raised a cool K the day they tied the knot! Asking for donations from your friends and family instead of wedding gifts is a beautiful thing. Who needs another rice cooker anyway? Works for birthdays too!

    Katie and Anil donated around $1,000 to Save the Children and lived happily ever after.

    If you think you could give these guys a run for their fundraising money, and have a genius idea about how to raise much needed funds, click here to learn how to get started.