• As a once grand old city is reduced to rubble, aid workers scramble to pick up the pieces.

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    As you know, the situation in Aleppo right now is critical.

    In recent days, attempts to evacuate civilians from the carnage have been thwarted at several turns. During one effort, at least five evacuation buses, en route to neighbouring Idlib province, were attacked and gutted by fire. One bus driver was killed.

    The latest setback to the evacuation has left thousands of people stranded, without access to food or shelter. Many have reportedly spent the night sleeping in the streets in temperatures as low as minus five degrees. A significant number are in urgent need of medical attention.

    Save the Children staff – together with our partners – are on the ground throughout the region, urging the immediate transfer of injured, orphaned and separated children to safe areas.

    We’re also responding to immediate needs by providing ready to eat rations, shelter, winter items and mobile health clinics. Our partners continue to deliver critical goods when and where they can, like ready-to-eat food baskets to families who have displaced from Aleppo to Idlib.

    While some may claim the conflict in Aleppo has reached a climax, it’s likely the bloodshed will continue for some time yet.

    Humanitarian organisations like Save the Children have to ensure they’re prepared to provide relief and resources for the children and families who have been forced to flee. Approximately 7,500 people have been evacuated from Aleppo so far, but the UN says as many as 50,000 are still trapped.

    Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Save the Children International's CEO, says: “There have been many painful setbacks in Aleppo, resulting in death and suffering at each turn for civilians. Children, the injured and aid workers of Aleppo cannot wait any longer. We must safely evacuate the remaining civilians immediately. Battlefields are no place for children. The protection of civilians and humanitarian aid cannot be used as a bargaining chip in political or military negotiations.”

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    *Header image: Destruction on the streets of eastern Aleppo – Save the Children

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