• Too often, the amazing achievements of women and the incredible challenges they face don’t get the attention they deserve. This month, we celebrate – and bring to light – the strong women and girls in our programs around the world.

    Every girl deserves a bright future. At Save the Children, it’s our task to make sure nothing gets in their way. Girls deserve the chance to take on the world. They deserve an education, a healthy start in life and the chance to go further than they ever dreamed possible.

    Here is a handful of the many incredibly strong girls and women we are lucky enough to work with.

    RS125357_Kapilvastu-Day-1-High-Res-15-lprPhotographer: Egan Hwan/Save the Children

    Kapilvastu Province, Nepal – Twelve-year-old Usha is happy learning at school. Thanks to support from Save the Children’s local child and youth club, her family came to understand the benefits of education and cancelled their plans to have her married at 12.

    RS115658_alwand_one35pilston-8-lprPhotographer: Tom Pilston/Save the Children

    Khanaqeen, Iraq – Twelve-year-old Yasmine* learns new skills from Arsenal ladies captain, Alex Scott. In partnership with Save the Children, the Arsenal Foundation has funded two football pitches across two camps for internally displaced Iraqi children, providing them with a safe space to play together and use football to heal from the past.

    AFGPuti-Kalatsha-Community-Education-Classes-0795Photographer: Robert McKechnie/Save the Children Australia

    Doomadgee, Australia – Adriel O'Keefe at Save the Children’s Child and Family Centre in Doomadgee. Adriel runs the HIPPY program, an early education program that visits children and parents in their homes in remote Queensland, Australia, and teaches parents to be the first teacher of their children.

    AFGPuti-Kalatsha-Community-Education-Classes-0795Photographer: Elissa Bogos Mirzaei/Save the Children

    Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan – Lakhmania raises her hand to answer a question. As part of our Children of Uruzgan program, Save the Children has set up community-based education classes to provide children living in remote villages with the opportunity to go to school. Before Save the Children’s education program, only three people in Lakhmania’s village could read and write. This is the first school in the village. Now, there are more girls enrolled than boys.

    RS124248_SARpre-6Photographer: Hanna Adcock/Save the Children

    Sicily, Italy – Nurse Marina Buzzeti stands by Save the Children's search and rescue vessel, the Vos Hestia. Save the Children has launched a new search-and-rescue effort in the Mediterranean which aims to save lives at sea, with facilities to rescue and accommodate approximately 300 people at a time.

    RS57779__MG_0252-lprPhotographer: Jonathan Hyams/Save the Children

    Dollo Ado, Ethiopia – Anab Aden, 13, reads from the blackboard to her class in her Somali lesson. These classes are part of Save the Children’s education program for Somali refugees in Heleweyn camp, Dollo Ado.

    RS3278_SCA-Kindergarten-Mooroopna-004-lprPhotographer: Robert McKechnie/Save the Children Australia

    Mooroopna, Australia – A young girl plays at bush kinder. Save the Children's Mooroopna Kindergarten runs a bush kinder day once a week. The kinder is run at the local Aboriginal co-op and has an emphasis on Aboriginal culture.

    RS131159_JRC16-StC_6336-lprPhotographer: Jordi Ruiz Cirera/Save the Children

    Kani Township, Myanmar – Health attendants teach women at the village leader’s house. This session was organised by midwives trained by Save the Children. Save the Children is improving access to lifesaving healthcare by supporting midwives and community health workers to deliver essential health and nutrition services in Myanmar.

    RS3592_SCA-Solomon-Islands-231-lprPhotographer: Robert McKechnie/Save the Children Australia

    Choiseul Province, Solomon Islands – Twelve-year-old Stephanie and Doris learn about their rights. Save the Children has just embarked on a new project to work with girls in remote communities, teaching them about their rights as children and the dangers of sexual exploitation.

    RS100015_IMG_4866-lprPhotographer: Dorothy Sang/Save the Children

    Northeast Nigeria – Sadiya* skips outside her home with a rope Save the Children gave her. Save the Children is working with Sadiya’s community to provide children the psychological support they so need to find normality again after living through conflict.

    *Names changed to protect their identities.