• Right now, our government is writing a plan for our foreign policy and setting the direction for Australia's role in the world. What do you want Australia's future to look like? You have until Monday 27 February to have your say!

    This is a big opportunity: our government wants to hear from Australians about how our country should interact with the rest of the world. What role do you want our country to play in tacking climate change, inequality and poverty? This is your chance to get your voice heard.

    Take the 60 second survey to have your say about Australia's role in the world #UpToUs

    Let's face it. Our world is in crisis. Children and families are facing multiple challenges of war, poverty, hunger and climate change – and Australia can do more to be a better global citizen.

    Our government is currently writing a white paper on Australia's long-term foreign policy, which will shape our place in the world for the next decade. And they want your views about what that looks like. What kind of Australia do you want to be part of?

    The stakes couldn't be higher right now:

    • More than 65 million people in our world have had to flee their homes because of conflict or persecution. More than half are children.
    • 770 million people are living in extreme poverty, struggling to meet their basic needs on just $1.90 per fay.
    • Climate change is already taking its toll, contributing to the increasing number of disasters around the world and it could drive 100 million more people into extreme poverty.

    The recent cuts to the aid budget saw Australia turn its back on people living in the poorest parts of the world, at a time of unprecedented humanitarian need. But if enough of us share our vision of a compassionate, outward-looking Australia, we can shape the role we play in the world.

    Why is this so important? Because we know that change is possible.

    Over the past 20 years, the number of people living in extreme poverty has been cut in half; the number of children missing out on school has been cut in half; and the likelihood of a child dying before they reach five years old has been cut in half.

    Change can happen but only if we keep fighting for it. This is our chance to speak out, show up and act for a future where all children, women and men can fulfil their potential, and live a happy and healthy life.

    Ending poverty and eliminating the world's worst epidemics will be one of humanity's greatest achievements – but it won't happen unless we make it.

    Have your say #UptoUs

    Header Photo Caption: ECD centre at Kobito 1, Guadalcanal Province, Solomon Islands.
    Header Photo credit: Robert McKechnie/Save the Children Australia