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URGENT: Children across the Horn of Africa are dying from hunger.


Your Centenary Activity Support Kit 

To help you raise even more funds to support children in this, our Centenary Year, we’ve developed this online Centenary Activity Support Kit. You can access all of the kit materials directly from this webpage. There’s a selection of helpful resources including event ideas, fundraising tips and promotional materials you can use to plan and hold a Centenary fundraising event in your local area. 

An opportunity to double the impact of your donation

This year you have a special opportunity when you donate directly to our new Centenary Endowment Fund. The fund will support innovative projects in the areas of quality education, health care and protection from harm. This special Fund will support new ideas and innovations in Australia and overseas that aim to maximise our impact on the ground. 

For every $1 your branch donates to the Centenary Endowment Fund, a major donor has generously pledged to donate another $1*, immediately doubling your donation and the impact of your efforts.
Of course, you still have the option to direct your donation to wherever the need is greatest. Or, you can donate to a specific program in your state. The choice is yours. 

How to use the materials

The resources are provided as PDFs you can download to print or share with others online. Simply click on the links below to download the items you want to use. 

Centenary Logos

Use these special Save the Children logos on any correspondence or promotional materials you create in 2019. The logos are provided as JPEG files for use in print and PNG files for use online.


Use these posters to promote your local event. Sections of the PDFS are re-writeable, so you can add the details of your event directly on to the poster. There are two styles of poster, each available in A3 and A4 sizes. 

Bright Ideas for Fundraising

A toolkit full of ideas for events, a step by step guide to organising an event, tips on how to generate additional funds and more. 

​Centenary Endowment Fund 

A brochure explaining what the endowment fund is and the difference you will make by choosing to make your donation here. 

Save the Children Fact Sheets

A series of fact sheets outlining the many programs Save the Children runs in each state of Australia and around the world. 



Donation form

You have three ways to donate and make a real impact; to our new Centenary Endowment Fund, where every $1* your Branch donates will be matched by a major donor, to where the need is greatest, or to a local program of your choice. Simply tick the option you would prefer in the donation form.

Download and print this form when you're ready to send in your donation.

Media support

Whenever you plan to hold your local Centenary Event, there may be an opportunity to generate local media interest in your activities. Save the Children Australia’s media team can provide assistance and are keen to help, so please feel free to contact them at

If you have any questions or you’re unable to access any of the materials here, please contact Kathryn Richards at 

You're invited to join in our National Centenary Events

Throughout the year we’ll be holding a series of Centenary Events in each capital city. Prior to the event in each state, we’ll send invitations to Branch Presidents with details to share with local members. We hope you’ll be able to join us to learn more about the critical work Save the Children is doing in your local region and across the globe. 

*Dollar for dollar matching up to a total value of $250,000

Stay up to date on how Save the Children is creating a world where every child has a safe and happy childhood