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Help stop a child dying from hunger

Your tax deductible donation can help save the life of a hungry child.

Your tax deductible donation can help save the life of a hungry child.

You can help give the urgent food and care to keep a child alive

Children like Rhama*, who are already hungry, weak and susceptible to disease face a double threat - hunger and COVID-19. Your gift is needed now more than ever.

Nine-month-old Rhama (pictured above) is just one of thousands of children who are so severely malnourished, that without access to therapeutic food and urgent medical treatment, they could die.
Rhama’s mother, Amina, has brought her to our Health Centre in Somalia. “My baby is sick. That’s why I came,” Amina says with urgency in her eyes, “She’s been vomiting and she’s had diarrhoea. Her health is deteriorating.”

Amina is right. Often when babies like Rhama finally reach our Health Centre, most suffer from hunger that has gone on so long, and been so severe, their tiny bodies don’t have the strength to fight deadly hunger. We fear many won’t survive unless we strengthen them urgently.

With your vital help today, our teams of doctors and nurses can reach a child like Rhama with therapeutic food and medicine, and provide breastfeeding counselling and support to their mothers.
Rhama was lucky. After 10 days of treatment at our Health Centre, she gradually became stronger, gained weight and was finally well enough to go home. That's the difference your gift can make. 

But there are so many more children like Rhama still suffering deadly hunger. And COVID-19 is threatening some of the world's most vulnerable communities, especially villages like Rhama's, where families are already struggling to survive. 

Will you help stop a child dying from hunger?

Thank you for all that you do to help children, even in these challenging times.

* Names have been changed to protect the real identities of Rhama and her family.

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