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Christmas Appeal

You can help save the life of a malnourished child

When a child is severely malnourished, they need immediate treatment and ongoing care to survive.

Malnutrition leaves a child weak and vulnerable to disease – every minute spent fighting just to stay alive. Your support can help provide urgent life-saving care and treatment for a child suffering the agonising pain of hunger. 

Jacob* (pictured above) was severely malnourished by the time our teams reached him. It took weeks of emergency therapeutic food and ongoing medical care for him to recover.

The treatment he received was only possible because of the generous support of people like you.

In remote northwest Kenya, where Jacob lives, there’s so little food that some families are literally struggling to survive.

Your support today can help provide the treatment and nutritional support that could save a child like Jacob.

*Names have been changed to protect child’s identity

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