• Take a moment to think back to your childhood. You might recall riding your bike through the safe streets of your neighbourhood. Or perhaps you'll remember playing hide and seek in a wide school playground. Sadly, many children around the world will never make these comforting memories and hide and seek can be a deadly game, played not for fun, but for their lives.

    The threat of violence against children is very real. In fact, one child dies of violence every 5 minutes*, a sobering fact we can change with your help.

    Violence against children can manifest in many ways, but the devastating effect it has on children is universally unforgiving.

    In every country and every culture, there are children living in fear of violence and abuse. Sometimes violence is blatant and overt, such as a child fleeing war or conflict, sold or trafficked against their will, or forced into early marriage. At other times abuse against children is cloaked in secrecy and silence, happening at home, behind closed doors.

    No matter it’s form, violence can devastate a child’s life. It shatters dreams, tears families apart and forces children to grow up far too quickly. The life of a child haunted by violence is a life with no childhood at all.

  • FACT: 1 billion children live in areas affected by armed conflict1
  • Violence against children can take many forms

    Hiding from violence in a conflict zone

    Young girls forced into child marriage

    The devastating impacts of child trafficking

    Living in fear of emotional or physical abuse in the home

  • FACT: A girl under the age of 15 gets married every 7 seconds2
  • FACT: 1.2 million children are sold into prostitution, labour or military service every year3
  • FACT: 85 million children are being forced to work in dangerous conditions4
  • Together with people like you, we can help counter the many forms of child violence.

    • We run programs all over the world that provide protection and support for children who have experienced or are vulnerable to trafficking.
    • We help children in war and conflict zones, responding to the emotional and mental health needs of children who have experienced or witnessed violence.
    • Our Family Support Services help parents with complex problems meet the emotional, developmental and physical needs of their children and encourage them to access appropriate support such as drug and alcohol, domestic violence and mental health services.
    • We also work with governments and authorities at the national and local levels, making sure they are working to protect children from harmful traditional practices, such as child marriage.
    • You can join our pledge to stand up for children's rights to a childhood free from violence.
  • Disclaimer: If you are a child, or know a child that may be under threat of violence, emotional or physical abuse please call Kids Help Line on 1800 551 800 or visit www.theline.org.au to access a 24 hour telephone or online counselling service for young people aged between 5 and 18. You may also report a suspected child abuse scenario via 1800 688 009 or visit www.childabuseprevention.com.au.

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    * Names changed to protect identity.