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Glam Up and Give

08 May 2020, Impact of Our Work

Let’s spread a little sparkle and support children in need

‘Glam Up and Give’ is an exciting campaign Save the Children is participating in to raise money for kids in need and lift all our spirits in these difficult days.

Glam Up & Give is a global response to help those severely affected by the coronavirus crisis. Charities in the UK, New Zealand and US have joined forces in a spectacular show of global social action. 

The coronavirus crisis has created particular challenges for the children and families we work with. The same is true for vulnerable people across Australia, whether they are disabled, homeless, have mental or physical health issues; both young and old are affected. 

Right now, we urgently need to raise money for the children we support. But we also know that other organisations’ needs are just as pressing.

So, we’ve joined with nine well-known charities in Australia who are each working hard to support vulnerable people. The charities taking part are Save the Children, Action Aid, Cancer Council Australia, Homie / Conscious Creative, Pat Cronin Foundation, Polished Man, Skin Health Institute, Society Melbourne, Unicef and Heart Foundation. We’ll all share equally in the money we raise through the ‘Glam Up and Give’ campaign. And as we come together in co-operation and have some fun, we can bring Australia a much-needed dose of GLAM! 

Here’s how you can Glam Up and Give

1. Dress up

That special occasion outfit, those stunning stilettoes or shiny shoes… even your wedding dress or suit – put on your party gear to Glam Up and Give. 

2. Share the love

Our CEO, Paul Ronalds, and daughter Piper putting their glad rags on for some routine cycle maintenance!

Make a heart with your hands, take a selfie, and choose the friends and family you’re going to ask to glam up too. 

3. Support vulnerable people

Donate at

Then copy and paste the whole text below into your social media post.

Facebook (@GlamupandGive) and Instagram (@glamupandgive)

I’ve glammed up and donated to help the #glamupandgive charities support vulnerable people in the #CoronavirusCrisis 
Donate now at
I nominate @friend1, @friend2, @friend3, @friend4 to glam up and share the love in the lockdown too. #glamupandgive

Full T&Cs at

Twitter (@GlamupG)

I’ve glammed up & donated to support vulnerable people in the #CoronavirusCrisis 
Donate now at 
@friend1, @friend2, @friend3, will you #glamupandgive too?

Now, get spruced up and share the love!

Thank you for your support with Glam Up and Give at this challenging time for us all. 

Special thanks to Flying Cars UK for their support.

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