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Recycling that goes further

15 March 2021, Retail

100% of items diverted from landfill  

When you donate items to a Save the Children Op Shop, it’s only the beginning of a journey for your items that could see them re-homed across town, given a second life in Malaysia, or even turned into biofuel! 

Our partnership with SCRgroup means all clothing, handbags, shoes, manchester and soft furnishings that are donated are saved from ending up in landfill, whether they’re sold in an Op Shop or not. 

From your home to an Op Shop – we endeavour to sell items at a reasonable price point, so that items can be reused in new homes. Every dollar that is raised from Op Shops goes back to supporting vital Save the Children work, keeping kids healthy, educated and protected from harm. 

What if your item isn’t sold in an Op Shop?

When items aren’t sold in an Op Shop, we make sure their journey doesn’t end in landfill. From Op Shop to second life – our partner SCRgroup collect unsold items to reuse and recycle in a number of ingenious ways. 


When unsold items are collected from a Save the Children Op Shop, they can start a second life in Malaysia. 

Local families can take advantage of high-quality items sold at fair prices in shops and markets. About 70% of Op Shop items sent to Malaysia are re-homed in local communities, giving them a second life at being a useful item. 

About 15% of items are recycled into rags and 15% are recycled into biofuels. In the process, around 300 jobs are also generated to sort and recycle the goods. 

What we’ve saved from landfill

Thanks to SCRgroup, since 2008, 171 million items of clothing have a found a second home. Our supporters and customers have helped re-home those items, as well as raising much needed funds for life-saving work we do all around the world. 

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