African child near tents proud supporters of Save the Children Tasmania

As a global network, Save the Children has been working to improve the lives of children in Africa since 1963.

We provide life-saving aid in times of emergency and our long-term development programs help communities to work their way out of poverty and create sustainable change. 

Why we work in Africa

Africa is one of the worst places in the world to be a child. More newborn babies die in the first 28 days of their life in West and Central Africa than anywhere else in the world, and half of all child deaths under the age of five occur in sub-Saharan Africa - the poorest region in the world.

Save the Children's work in Africa

With children still dying of preventable illnesses and starvation in Africa, we work to reduce the underlying causes of poverty and improve basic health services and food security.We also provide access to education and work to combat the increasing HIV and AIDS crisis. Read about our work in Ethiopia and our Child Sponsorship program that helps empower whole communities.

We deliver life-saving support in times of emergency, like in East Africa where we helped 2.5 million people affected by the 2011 food crisis. Read more about how we respond in emergencies.