Save the Children has been helping children in Afghanistan since 1976 and specifically in Uruzgan province for more than 15 years.

With extensive experience assisting conflict-affected and fragile communities around the world, we work in Afghanistan to improve the lives of children – in particular girls – through access to basic health services and education.ethiopia-facts

Why we work in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world. A number of challenges complicate further progress, including a history shaped by decades of internal conflict, and extreme natural disasters, especially drought. These challenges make it one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a child.

Every day, 282 children die and one in four children will not reach their fifth birthday. There is a severe lack of basic health services and high rates of malnourished children.

Up to 5 million children are not enrolled in school, the majority of which are girls. There are a variety of reasons for this – distance to school, poverty and conflict, early marriages, and working to support their families.

A lack of female teachers, combined with cultural pressures that prevent contact with male teachers, creates big challenges for girl's education. Many rural districts do not have secondary schools for girls, which also restricts their career opportunities.

Improving health and education in Uruzgan province

We work in Uruzgan province, one of the poorest and most insecure places in Afghanistan. Our four year Children of Uruzgan program funded by the Australian Government, aims to improve the education and health of more than 300,000 people – in particular women and children. Read more about our Children of Urzugan program.

Working together to assist children in Afghanistan 

Save the Children works with a number of ministries including the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Public Health, and with national non-government organisations in Afghanistan to improve the quality of education and health services for children in schools and communities.

As a global organisation, Save the Children International is providing child and maternal health, nutrition, education, child protection and livelihood programs in a number of provinces in Afghanistan. We work to ensure that child rights, child protection and the rights of women are part of all of our programs in Afghanistan.