Building a better future for children in Cambodia


Save the Children has worked in Cambodia since 1979 delivering programs across 24 provinces. 

Our health, education and protection programs improve the lives of the poorest children and their families in Cambodia.  Our current focus is on helping mums to access healthcare so their newborn babies survive and grow up healthy. 


Why we work in Cambodia

Cambodia has made great progress following decades of war and political unrest. The economy has experienced strong growth, which has resulted in a steep decline in poverty.  

Despite this progress, more than 45 percent of children and adults in Cambodia, particularly in rural areas, still live in poverty. It is their income, living conditions, access to essential services and their level of education that contribute to this.

Gender-based violence and child abuse remain serious issues, and women also continue to face disadvantages in accessing education, decently paid jobs and decision-making roles in government. 

Protecting children from harm

Child protection services and laws in Cambodia are very weak and children often face abuse and neglect. Our programs increase the capacity of government and community-based organisations to identify and respond to child protection issues.

Our trainings teach officials and organisations about how to protect children in communities and how to improve child protection laws, policies and programs.

Improving health services for children

Our health programs reduce the number of children dying from easily preventable causes and diseases. We work with the government to train health workers and improve the quality and management of health services so children can access the best healthcare possible.

We also work with communities to help them understand the benefits of healthcare and how to look after themselves.

Through our Newborn Child Survival program more than 32,000 mothers and their children have accessed health services.