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I believe Australia should provide vital support to vulnerable nations


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As we’ve seen in Australia, it’s never been more important to tackle COVID-19 together.

While Australia has one of the world’s best healthcare systems, many of our neighbours around the world are ill-equipped for a pandemic.

We must stand in solidarity with all our neighbours, by encouraging our government to send vital support to vulnerable nations.

It’s not over until it’s over for everyone.

Why sign the pledge?

Because we take care of our neighbours. 

And even though our borders are shut, our hearts will never be. By signing the pledge you will join thousands of other Australians who want to help End COVID For All. 

What’s the solution? 

We have some ideas: 

  • Start by protecting those who are most vulnerable to COVID-19 and its impacts

  • Strengthen health systems and protect essential aid programs

  • Help kick-start economic recovery in the region to secure a bright future for all.

Sign the Pledge and help End COVID For All. 

Hygiene kits being delivered to families in war-torn Iraq thanks to Australian Aid