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Add your name to speak out and help Stop the War on Children


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Around the world, as many as one child in five is living in an area affected by conflict. Every day, bombs destroy children’s homes, schools and hospitals. Their friends are shot and injured. Their family members are killed.

There isn’t anywhere they feel safe. Not at home. Not at school. Not on the streets where they used to play. Not even in hospital.

That’s why we urgently need you to speak out today and help #STOPTHEWARONCHILDREN. Together, we can protect the world's children from the horrors of conflict. 

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Why sign the pledge?

While the situation for children living through war is dire, it is not hopeless. There is more we can do here in Australia and around the world to make a difference. Through Save the Children’s advocacy, we can make a real difference in the lives of children. But we need your help to keep politicians accountable to children – the pledge means you will join us in this mission. We will keep you updated on the campaign, and make sure you have everything you need to be a powerful defender of children’s rights. This war on children will not stop until we speak up. 

Act now to protect children in conflict

I believe...

  • World leaders must always uphold international law to protect children in conflict

  • Anyone who commits a war crime against children must be held accountable

  • Children in war zones need practical support on the ground – to protect and care for them, and to help them recover

We must help #STOPTHEWARONCHILDREN. Can we count on you?

Mai*, 11, from Syria has spent most of her life living in a conflict zone.

*Name has been changed to protect identity

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