Great ways you can help children

Happy child in Australia

Whether it’s asking for donations instead of birthday gifts, holding a movie night or selling some of your shares, we've got a range of giving options for you to choose from. What’s great is that they all help us create better lives for children.

Gifts in celebration  

Instead of a birthday present this year, or another set of towels for your wedding, why not ask your friends and family to make a donation to Save the Children instead. Find out how to organise an event where donations are made in-lieu of gifts

Gifts in memory

A gift made in memory is a wonderful way to recognise and honour a loved one and their life. Organise a funeral collection, ask for donations instead of flowers or make a donation that leaves a legacy and helps us create lasting memories for disadvantaged children in Australia and overseas.

Sell your shares 

Through ShareGift Australia, you can sell your shares and at the same time, give a special gift to children. Find out more about the tax benefits you will receive when donating profits from your shares to Save the Children. 

Adventure Volunteering

If adventure, fundraising, travel and volunteering to help children sounds like you, then you need to find out more about our Adventure Volunteering program and our upcoming trips to China, Nepal and Kakadu. 

Workplace Giving

Making regular donations through your salary is the most cost effective way to help Save the Children reach more children in need. Find out more about joining our Workplace Giving program.

Help give children a better future