Working with young people in New South Wales

Save the Children provide early intervention and prevention programs to support young people in New South Wales.

We provide  young people with opportunities to develop new skills, increase their  resilience and help them identify areas for personal growth. Save the  Children Youth Workers offer guidance and support, connect young  people with services and provide them with a positive adult relationship.

Why we provide Alternative Education and Mentoring  Support programs in New South Wales

Circumstances at  home can make it difficult for many young people in school.  This often results in their time at  school being more about discipline than learning.  Having a positive role model and  someone who cares can help young people overcome some of these difficulties.

Dropping out of  school and failing to complete the Year 10 Certificate has been linked to  unemployment, juvenile offending, poor health, and drug and alcohol abuse.  International research and impact  studies have shown that mentoring relationships can lead to better outcomes  for young people.

Save the Children’s Alternative Education and Mentoring  Support programs

The Glebe Pathways program and Wilcannia Re-engagement Centre provide supportive,  flexible and culturally appropriate education opportunities for young  Aboriginal people who are disengaged with school. Based on their individual  needs, community mentors provide guidance and support and help them re-engage  with mainstream education, vocational training and employment.

The Stability  Through Support program provides mentoring for boys who are either attending  behavioural units in schools or are in contact with the criminal justice  system. We pair young people with a mentor who supports them to engage in  positive behaviour  and lifestyle choices.

Every week, the boys meet with  their mentor for two hours and work on a project of their choice. Once a month, they participate in a group activity and  showcase their work at an end of term exhibition. Youth workers and  mentors explore issues such as community violence through structured activities which teach participants about communication skills,  personal boundaries and self-control.

How we know we’re supporting young people

In the  last year, there has been as much as a 30 per cent increase in the school  attendance of each participant at the Wilcannia Re-Engagement Centre and a 50  per cent increase in Glebe. Eighty percent of the current  Glebe students also report that their confidence in their ability to learn  has increased. 

Boys in our Stability through Support program have told us that mentoring  from Save the Children has helped them become more positive about school,  home and the police.

Who makes our programs possible

We are grateful  to the Australian Government Communities for Children program, facilitated by  the Smith Family in Bankstown, and generous Australians  who support our Alternative Education and Mentoring programs in New South  Wales.  

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