Learning about climate change in Vanuatu

Save the Children is teaching children and their communities about climate change in Vanuatu.

Save the Children is helping children and young people to understand what climate change means to them. Working with schools and youth clubs in Torba, Penama and Shefa provinces in Vanuatu, we are helping them to design and implement their own climate change projects. This will help them adapt to and reduce the unavoidable effects of climate change, while they share knowledge with peers, their community and the government.

Why climate change awareness is important

Vanuatu is highly vulnerable to the unavoidable impacts of climate change. Rising sea levels, and more regular and extreme weather patterns, are very likely. Higher intensity cyclones are also a danger. People need to prepare for and adapt to their quickly changing environment.

Children and young people have the potential to make a very real contribution to climate change, as they are open to learning and will be most affected by their changing environment. Yet, to date, their capacity to create change has been largely overlooked.

Save the Children's Climate Change Adaptation program

We are promoting awareness and developing skills to help children and communities adapt to climate change. Through schools and youth clubs, we are helping to teach young people about climate change and create action plans to help them adapt.

Our annual National Youth Climate Symposium also provides a forum for children and young people to share their ideas, thoughts and aspirations with key climate policy makers.

How we know we're making a difference

Our initiatives are helping to raise awareness of environmental issues and increase involvement in community disaster planning. We've undertaken practical measures which include re-planting mangroves and constructing rainwater tanks.

We are also working to link traditional community knowledge with scientific knowledge – a key innovation to help children and communities increase their involvement and understanding.

Who makes our program possible

Thanks to support from the Australian Government, Save the Children is working with the Government of Vanuatu, Oxfam, Vanuatu Red Cross, CARE, GIZ and Vanuatu Rural Development and Training Centre Association (VRDTCA) to help children learn about and respond to climate change.

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