Educating children in Indonesia

Save the Children provides education and support for children and their families in Indonesia.

We work with children in Indonesia to help them complete their schooling through access to quality early childhood and basic education.

Why early childhood education is important

In Indonesia, many children do not complete primary school. Almost half the children from poor families do not enrol in junior or secondary school.

Research shows that children who participate in early childhood education programs are more likely to complete school and educate their own children.  With a long history working to improve the lives of children around the world, we believe that quality early education creates positive relationships with learning and the chance for a more fulfilling life.

Save the Children's Early Childhood and Basic Education program

We work with 15 early childhood education centres and 20 primary schools in Belu and Nusa Tenggara Timur in Indonesia. Our program ensures that children have access to early learning facilities, educational materials and are taught by trained teachers.

We partner with governments and local communities to create awareness about the positive impacts of early childhood education and promote children's rights.

How we know we're making a difference

In just two years we've refurbished 10 early childhood centres and distributed educational materials to an additional 20 centres. The centre managers have been trained to create child-friendly, safe environments and effective learning activities.

All of the local teachers and principals that we have trained are now creating lesson plans for their classes and we are continuing to provide regular coaching and mentoring sessions. A select group are also receiving extra training so that they can replicate, scale-up, and ensure sustainability of the program.

Our program partners

Thanks to the generous support of the Australian government and our supporters, Save the Children is improving the education of children in Indonesia.

Help give children a better future