Supporting young people in Western Australia

Save the Children run early intervention and prevention programs for young people in Western Australia. We aim to reduce anti-social behaviour, improve family connections and increase young people’s engagement in education and employment.

We support young people – in particular those from Aboriginal communities, and migrant and refugee backgrounds in Broome, Kununurra and Perth. Young people are supported to stay in school or engage with supportive educational opportunities, develop safe practices and build resilience.

Why we work with young people in Western Australia

Life can be challenging for young people living in disadvantaged communities in Western Australia. The most common risks to young people are unsafe home environments, family violence, homelessness, antisocial behaviour, and drug and alcohol misuse. This can make them vulnerable to engaging in dangerous activities.

Save the Children’s early intervention and prevention programs

We run programs across Western Australia that provide young people with a safe and secure place to have fun with their friends, learn essential life skills, increase their self-esteem, and talk to experienced youth workers. We support young people to build their resilience by developing their capacity to respond to adversity in a positive way and overcome problems at home, school and in their communities.

Our Night Patrol and youth programs in Kununurra, and One Step Closer in Perth, help young people on the streets, in contact with the juvenile justice system, and at-risk of abuse, neglect, and physical and psychological harm to find a safe place to play sports, express themselves creatively and participate in cultural activities with friends.

Youth workers provide advice and guidance to young people on the consequences of negative behaviour and how to make positive life choices.We run a variety of recreational activities after school and at night and transport young people to a safe place to sleep. Back to Country youth leadership camps also empower young people to connect with their cultural identity and community.

Reconnect is a homelessness prevention program that targets at-risk Aboriginal youth in Perth. We work to improve their living situations and engagement with family, work, education, training and their local community.

How we know we’re improving the lives of young people

Since the One Step Closer program began in 2011, we’ve successfully engaged more than 350 children and young people at risk of homelessness in Perth. We’ve also recently released our Identity on the Line report, which includes experiences and identifies reasons behind the street-presence of Aboriginal young people in the South East Corridor of Perth.

In the last year, 428 young people have also participated in Broome youth activities, with 63 percent successfully engaging in diversionary sports activities.

Our programs in Kununurra have reached 834 young people since 2009. These initiatives have reduced offending rates and alcohol and drug misuse through diversionary activities that keep young people off the street. It has also increased their connection to culture and community, and helped them engage with education, training and employment.

Who makes our programs possible

Our early intervention and prevention programs are funded by the Western Australia Department of Corrective Services and Western Australia Police. They are also supported by the Western Australia Department of Child Protection and Family Support, the Community Development Fund administered by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Commonwealth Department of Social Services, and the support of generous Australians.

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