Fighting childhood malnutrition in India

Save the Children has teamed up with communities in Rajasthan to tackle the problem and save children's lives

In India, a staggering 6,000 children die each day because of preventable malnutrition. That's why Save the Children has teamed up with communities in Rajasthan to tackle the problem and save children's lives.

We work closely with communities in Dungarpur, Rajasthan, to identify children with life-threatening malnutrition, and we support parents to learn more about healthy eating for young children.

Why fighting childhood malnutrition is important

More than 6,000 Indian children under the age of five die every day because of malnutrition. In most cases, a lack of awareness in families about healthy eating practices and how to prevent and treat severe malnutrition are the root causes that lead to these devastating deaths.

For those children that don't die, almost 50 percent are stunted and underweight, and almost 80 percent are anaemic (Source: National Family Health Survey, India).

Save the Children's Fighting Malnutrition program

We support frontline health workers to identify at-risk children earlier and strengthen systems to ensure these children are quickly referred to a treatment centre. We also help children and their families remain in contact with health workers so their condition can be monitored after they've received treatment.

An important part of our work is informing parents about good feeding practices that keep their young ones healthy.

How we know we're making a difference

We've seen a massive improvement in the identification of at-risk children, enabling us to treat them before it's too late. We've built a team of community nutrition volunteers – locally based women and men who are helping to refer under nourished and malnourished children to treatment centres.

Across the 50 villages we work in Rajasthan, mothers groups are helping parents engage in better nutrition for their children and improve their understanding of good feeding practices for infants and young children.

Who makes our program possible

Save the Children's partners include local community health centres and Indian government healthcare providers including Integrated Child Development Services and National Rural Health Mission.

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