Caring for mothers, babies and children in Pakistan

Save the Children is working to increase the quality of care for mothers and babies in some of the most remote regions

Survival rates for mothers, newborns and young children in Pakistan heavily depends on quality healthcare. That's why Save the Children is working to increase the quality of care for mothers and babies in some of the most remote regions.

We are making pregnancy and childbirth safer in Pakistan, by improving local healthcare systems, ensuring clinics are well-equipped with the medicine they need, and that health workers are trained and informed about the best approaches.

Why healthcare for mothers and newborns is important

In rural and disadvantaged communities of Pakistan – where most preventable maternal, newborn and child deaths occur –survival still poses a huge challenge for women and their children.

Tragically, mothers are dying at high rates – the latest figures show 276 maternal deaths per 100,000 births. Without a mother, babies are also dying.  Health facilities in these areas are often unavailable or poorly run, with a lack of essential life-saving supplies and well-trained health workers.

Most of these deaths – both maternal and newborn – are preventable with the help of evidence-based and affordable solutions.

Our Healthcare for Mothers and Newborns program

We're providing more accessible and better quality healthcare by delivering essential training for health workers and improving health centres – all of which is needed to save lives.

Save the Children works closely with public and private healthcare providers to build partnerships that strengthen healthcare systems for mothers and newborns.

We're also working with the entire community – women, men and religious leaders – to increase understanding and use of healthcare systems.

How we know we're making a difference

Now in its third year, we've seen great improvement in healthcare services in 10 key Rural Health Centres – eight of these are now providing healthcare 24 hours a day.

Health workers are better informed, with 95 percent of the region where we work receiving essential information and support when they need it, including training.

Our program partners

In Pakistan, we have developed partnerships with the provincial Government Health Department, local community-based organisations and other health-based NGOs working in the region.

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