Helping young people turn their lives around

Save the Children help improve the lives of young people on release or in juvenile detention in New South Wales.

We provide life skills and mentoring support for young people on remand, in detention and as they transition back into the community to help prevent them from reoffending and assist them to have a fulfilling life.

Why mentoring young people who’ve offended is important

More than 400 young people, some as young as 10, are in custody at any one time in New South Wales. Many of these young people come from dysfunctional and unhealthy home environments and have experienced severe trauma and neglect.

Young people in custody often have limited literacy and numeracy skills, and little or no aspirations for their future. Many have never experienced a positive and encouraging relationship with an adult.

Mentoring programs inside detention give young people the opportunity to build life skills that prevent them from entering a cycle of crime and poverty.

Save the Children’s Juvenile Justice Mentoring program

We provide one-on-one support for vulnerable young Australians in custody to equip them with skills and opportunities to participate in community life.

Like some of our other youth engagement programs across New South Wales participants meet with a mentor who provides positive guidance and support, as well as attending other programs aimed at building life skills.

Save the Children works inside Cobham Juvenile Justice Centre, the principal remand centre in New South Wales for males aged 15 years and over. We also support a fortnightly program at the Reiby Juvenile Justice Centre for boys aged 10 to 16.

Our Youth Workers engage young people in detention and where possible, continue to work with them as they transition back in to the community. We support young people to re-engage with educational, vocational training and employment.

How we know we’re improving the lives of young people

In 2013, Save the Children assisted 390 young males to increase their resilience and independence through the delivery of more than 200 life skills sessions. We also provided educational support and individual mentoring to 30 boys in detention, and through intensive case management assisted others who had been released to become more independent and improve their connections with family, peers and their community.

Who makes our program possible

We are grateful to Juvenile Justice NSW for allowing us to work inside the Cobham and Reiby Juvenile Justice Centres and to our generous Save the Children supporters. Our program in Cobham Juvenile Justice Centre is made possible by Teen Spirit Foundation, managed by Perpetual Trustees and Matana Foundation for Young People.

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