Educating children in Myanmar

Save the Children is working to improve the access and completion of quality education for children in Myanmar.

We are training teachers, and providing early childhood education and primary education facilities, to help children in Myanmar reach their potential.

Why educating children in Myanmar is important

Access to basic education is a fundamental right of all children. Yet, according to a Government study in 2011, only 54 percent of children complete primary school. Children living in some of the poorest and remote communities in Myanmar are also the least likely to attend primary school.

The Myanmar Education Consortium

Save the Children aims to deliver innovative education activities for children in Myanmar. Working in partnership with other international organisations, we support government education systems, and advocate for improved education.

Less than a year old, this program aims to increase access to both early childhood education and primary school education. By 2015, the consortium will provide 55,000 children with access to early childhood education, 160,000 children with access to quality primary education, and train 4500 teachers and 2500 monastic school administrators and principals.

The program will work with government and monastic schools across Myanmar, with a particular focus on girls from ethnic minority groups and children with disabilities.

Who makes this program possible

Save the Children partners with the Australian government, the Burnet Institute and World Vision to assist young children to access early education in Myanmar.

Learn more about the Myanmar Education Consortium.

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