Engaging young people with M.Y.van

Using vans as a hub for music, digital media and sport, M.Y.van works with children and young people to improve their health and wellbeing.

Our Mobile Youth Van program (M.Y.van) is an innovative education and child protection program. M.Y.van supports some of Australia's most vulnerable and hard-to-reach children through our engaging outreach program.

How it works

M.Y.van is genuinely mobile and can operate out of a park, youth centre, sports ground, school or anywhere children and young people congregate. Outreach services that provide activities such as sport, music and art can greatly benefit young people who live in remote, isolated or disadvantaged communities. 

M.Y.van's health promotion and creative arts workshops use state-of-the-art equipment to help children to explore issues that affect them.

Why is M.Y.van important?

There are more than 200 towns in New South Wales with a population of less than 5,000 people. The decline in community services in these remote towns is affecting young people, who are already isolated and marginalised. Issues affecting these young can relate to their mental and physical health, family and community violence, community safety, conflict resolution, substance misuse, nutrition, resilience and social connectedness.

M.Y.van also works in areas in suburban Australia which lack services for children and young people. Read more about one of our program participants, 11-year-old Marama

Where the vans travel

M.Y.Van is used for a variety of purposes such as an alternative classroom during the day, and as an engagement service that gets young people off the streets and reduces anti-social behaviour at night. It also enables Save the Children to run school holiday programs, youth festivals and sports events and is an integral part of our youth engagement programs in Australia.

How we know we're helping young people

Since its launch in 2012, M.Y.Van has reached more than 2000 young people in 11 communities in New South Wales. There have also been more than 90 youth-led sessions targeting isolated and disadvantaged young people.

The key to M.Y.Van's success is its ability to engage some of the most vulnerable and hard to reach young people in a variety of locations with innovative educational sessions and state of the art equipment.

As well as participating in recreational activities, young people are also engaging in activities that promote their health and Aboriginal language preservation, which has an enormous positive impact on their general well-being and self-esteem.

Who makes our program possible

It is the generous support of GSK and Unilever that enables Save the Children to assist young people in NSW through our Mobile Youth Service.

*Name changed to protect her identity

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