Helping children of sex workers create better futures

Save the Children is working to protect the children of sex workers and children affected by HIV and AIDS

All children deserve to live free from exploitation and abuse. In Bangladesh, Save the Children is working to protect the children of sex workers and children affected by HIV and AIDS.

Save the Children work in partnership with the Bangladesh and Australian Governments to deliver this life-changing program. We provide training on child rights for children, parents, teachers, and government to improve the health of the most vulnerable children, and protect them from abuse.

Why protecting children of sex workers is important

The children of Bangladeshi sex workers have hard childhoods.  Discrimination, poverty and violence feature predominately in their lives, and illness and death rates are high.

Many lose their parents to HIV and AIDS, subjecting them to trauma, malnutrition and limited education opportunities. This experience also makes them even more vulnerable to sex trafficking, homelessness and HIV and AIDS.

Save the Children's Protecting Children of Sex Workers program

We're helping to build community-based child protection activities that support vulnerable children and help parents protect their children.

We're establishing child protection committees in local communities, holding community meetings and information sessions, and creating child-friendly spaces and youth groups to give vulnerable children a space to play and learn. And, we're creating peer groups for sex workers to learn from each other about protecting their children.

How we know we're making a difference

In the communities where we work, a series of meetings targeted at raising awareness about child rights mobilised more than 400 community members to help advocate for child rights. Almost 200 teachers also learnt about the importance of protecting children.

Mothers and caregivers who received training in positive parenting, child protection, nutrition and health have reported a change in how they keep children safe from harm.

Children have been trained on their rights and equipped with life skills that allow them to take ownership of their future. They've also been linked with Government health centres where they have received basic healthcare, immunisations and counselling.

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