Helping young Tasmanians turn their lives around

Save the Children works with young people in detention to help them reintegrate in to community life and reach their full potential.

We provide mentoring support for young people transitioning from Ashley Youth Detention Centre in the south of Tasmania so they can enjoy successful lives in the community.

Why our work with young offenders is important

Tasmania has the highest rate of youth offenders in Australia. Many of these young people have unstable childhoods, a family history of offending or may not have a positive role model in their lives. Often they just need a bit of guidance and support to help them turn their lives around.

Our Transition from Ashley Detention Centre program

We provide individual mentoring and support for high-risk young people aged 10 to 18 years who are transitioning from Ashley Youth Detention Centre.

Our youth workers connect with young people while they are in juvenile detention and continue to support them once released. We assist young people to reconnect with education, recreational activities and assist them to access employment opportunities.

How we know we’re helping young people

Since our program began in 2011, we’ve seen significant change in the health and wellbeing of the young people we work with. For some young people it has meant engaging in healthy eating habits, or a significant reduction in smoking and alcohol consumption. We’ve helped 37 young people engage in positive recreational and community activities, with nine of them participating in team sports or regular exercise.

We’ve helped 68 percent of young people in our program return to education. In partnership with the school at the Ashley Youth Detention Centre, we also won a NAB Schools First Impact Award for an outstanding school-community partnership in 2012.

Who makes our program possible

Improving the lives of these young people is made possible by our generous supporters and partners such as Community Youth Justice, Magistrates Court, Department of Education, Child Protection and the Police and Citizens Youth Club.

Transition from Ashley Detention Centre


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