South East Asia

Happy children playing in South East Asia

Save the Children has been improving the lives of children in South East Asia for more than three decades.

Why we work in South East Asia

As a region, South East Asia has experienced significant economic growth in recent years. While some countries continue to steadily develop, there are stark contrasts in the standard of living between nations and also within countries themselves. Political instability, conflict and disasters have created many setbacks to development. This means many children still have little or no access to basic health and education services and are at risk of abuse, exploitation, trafficking and child labour.

Our work in the region

We run programs in South East Asia to protect children from harm and help them grow up healthy and educated. When a disaster strikes - like the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami or Typhoon Haiyan in the Phillippines - we deliver life-saving aid to help communities recover. We also build community resilience through disaster risk reduction initiatives to help reduce the impacts of future emergencies on children and their families. 

Read about some of our work in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos and Myanmar.