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Will you help stop the crying?

You can help relieve the pain for a hungry child

You could be a hungry child's last and only hope

We all know what it feels like to be hungry. But we don’t know true hunger. Real hunger is excruciating. Particularly for a child. That’s why we need you. You can help ease the suffering of a hungry child today. 

“Hearing your child crying in front of you and you cannot do anything for him. It’s painful.… Your child could die before your eyes.” – Naser, Nabil’s father.

When Nabil arrived at the health centre he was weighed, measured and monitored. The tape around his upper arm indicated that his life was in danger. Just 9cm – about the size of a 20c coin. He was half the size a child his age should be.

During the appetite test he cried. That painful cry. He couldn’t swallow the therapeutic paste. So hungry, yet too sick to be interested in food.

Malnutrition is linked to almost half of all child deaths around the world.

It’s destroying the childhoods of millions of children and it’s entirely preventable.

You can help stop this from happening. You can help prevent the fear and grief that families like Nabil’s have to suffer. Your donation can provide immediate life-saving treatment and the chance for a child like Nabil to grow up healthy and strong.

Will you help relieve a child’s pain? Will you help stop the crying?

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