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Children’s Emergency Fund

Donate now to help protect children affected by disaster and conflict. 

Donate now to help protect children affected by disaster and conflict.

You can help children survive life-threatening emergencies wherever they strike

The distressing scenes of families and children desperately trying to flee Afghanistan have touched all our hearts. In a country already riven by conflict, where hunger is common and medical supplies are scarce, there are grave concerns for the safety and survival of children.  

In times like this of chaos and crisis, it is always children who suffer the most.

Your donation to the Children’s Emergency Fund will help desperate, frightened children caught up in the world’s most catastrophic humanitarian crises. Wherever innocent children’s lives and wellbeing are threatened by conflict, disease or disaster, your gift will ensure we can be there to support and protect them. 

Disaster doesn’t discriminate. Whether it is Afghanistan, Haiti or Lebanon, wherever the need is greatest, your gift to the Children’s Emergency Fund means there will be support there on the ground for children when they need it most. 

Please donate now and help protect the children most at risk wherever they are in the world.

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