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Help children fight hunger

Will you help save the life of a child from malnutrition?

You can help save the life of a hungry child

Twelve-year-old Leolida is afraid for his brother Lawrence. The 18-month-old child is severely malnourished, has diarrhoea and a fever, and is half the weight of a healthy baby his age.

Leolida tries very hard to make him smile to forget the pain of hunger. When there’s no food to eat, play becomes a welcome distraction for the brothers.

“He is not hungry when you play with him, he is just happy,” Leolida says. 

But malnutrition is not a game – it’s deadly.

In places like drought stricken-Kenya, food shortages are making many children sick. Reaching health facilities often requires a long journey on foot from the remote villages. 

But there is hope for children like Lawrence.

Community health volunteers like Mark are bringing life-saving treatment closer to homes. 

In Lawrence’s village, Mark helps identify and treat malnourished children. He also supports mothers through breastfeeding and provides nutritional advice.

Mark has been able to get Lawrence the urgent medical treatment he needs to survive and recover.

But there are still many more hungry children like him waiting for life-saving help …

With your support, we can train more community health volunteers like Mark to bring vital health services to remote villages. Your gift can provide essential medicines and nutrient-enriched peanut paste that can help save young lives.

Please be the voice of hope for hungry children.

*Names have been changed to protect the real identities of Leolida and his family.

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