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Stop another preventable death

Your donation today can provide lifesaving care for a child like Jackson

Your donation today can provide lifesaving care for a child like Jackson

You can help stop another preventable death 

In poor communities – where a hospital or health clinic can be days away – preventable diseases are threatening the lives of defenceless children.

Pneumonia, diarrhoea and malaria account for 28% of all deaths among children under five. These diseases are all preventable and are claiming the lives of children before they’ve had the chance to put up a fight.

Every six seconds a child dies from a preventable disease.

You can help make sure these diseases don’t get the opportunity to take hold.

Your support could help train community health volunteers who can educate families about how to spot the symptoms of life-threatening diseases in time to access treatment, and ongoing care. They’ll also learn how to identify danger signs early within their communities and quickly refer sick children to their nearest health centre.

It’s quite common for children living in remote and disadvantaged communities to be struck with more than one illness at a time. The impact of COVID-19 could be devastating, overwhelming under-resourced health systems leaving sick children like Jackson more vulnerable.

Children living in communities like Jackson’s need your support today. With early intervention and timely treatment, families can defend themselves against the risk of infection. 

Your support today can help stop a preventable disease from claiming another child’s life.

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