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Born Hungry

You can help save the life of a malnourished child

When a baby is severely malnourished, they need immediate treatment and ongoing care to survive.

Malnutrition leaves a baby weak and vulnerable to disease – every minute spent fighting just to stay alive. Your support can help provide urgent life-saving care and treatment for a baby suffering the agonising pain of hunger. 

Little Maximilla* (pictured above) was dangerously malnourished within days of being born – her mother too hungry to produce the breastmilk her newborn baby needed.  Without emergency treatment, Maximilla would not have survived.

In places where mothers aren’t getting the nutrition they and their babies need, children are fighting for life from the moment they are born. You can help make sure we reach them before it’s too late. 

Your support today can help save the life of a child like Maximilla. 

*Names have been changed

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