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Disaster ready

Will you be there for children when the next disaster strikes?

You can help make sure children are safe and cared for in a crisis.

Your donation will help make sure children get the care they need – protection, medical treatment and life-saving essentials – in the aftermath of a disaster. Your donation could help save a child’s life.

Today, there are twice as many humanitarian disasters happening as there were 20 years ago.

Droughts, floods and cyclones are becoming more frequent, conflicts are lasting longer and more people are fleeing or being forced from their homes.

Although disasters are indiscriminate about who they target, it is usually the poorest communities that are worst affected. And within those communities, it’s children who suffer most.

With your donation, we can be ready to respond quickly to an emergency. We can be there for children – supporting, protecting and taking care of them in the immediate aftermath of a disaster.

You can help make sure children have medical care, emotional support and a safe place to recover and that their families have the food, shelter and access to services they need. You can help make sure we’re ready to respond before the next disaster strikes.

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