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Help fight pneumonia

You could be the difference between life and death for a child like Anwar.


Pneumonia kills two children every minute of every day 

Treatment is simple, so every death is one too many. With your support, Save the Children can train health workers, provide equipment and supply medicine to help children fight this deadly disease. Children need you now, will you give today?

Anwar* couldn’t stop crying as his sickness got worse. He screamed and trembled as his temperature soared. His family didn’t know it yet, but Anwar had pneumonia.

Pneumonia kills two children every minute of every day. Pneumonia does not just kill. It causes children immense distress and suffering.

Anwar and his family had already been through so much before he got sick. They had fled horrendous violence in Myanmar in search of safety in Bangladesh. They had left everything they knew behind. Now, Anwar could die from pneumonia. 

This deadly disease makes it difficult for a child to breathe, causing them to take smaller, faster breaths. 

Too often, children with pneumonia are so exhausted from the effort of trying to breathe they simply can’t continue, their bodies give up.

Treatment is simple. But while children living in the poorest conditions are the most likely to contract pneumonia, they are also the least likely to have access to the simple treatment that can save their lives. 

Will you help make sure children like Anwar get the treatment they so urgently need?

*Names have been changed to protect the identities of Anwar and his family. 

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