Nepal Earthquake

Two earthquakes, just over two weeks apart, have devastated the people of Nepal. Save the Children is on the ground, reaching hundreds of thousands of people with life-saving aid.

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal on Saturday 25 April, just 80km from the capital Kathmandu. A second quake hit in Sindupalchowk district on Tuesday 12 May.

The second quake, and further aftershocks, heightened an already desperate situation.

The consequences of the two massive earthquakes are severe. More than 8,800 people have died and a further 22,000 are injured. With more than 860,000 homes damaged or destroyed, 3.2 million people are in need of temporary shelter – including 1.5 million children.

Bhagawati, mother of four, describes the moment the first earthquake hit, "I was just outside the house with three of my children when the earthquake struck. My baby daughter Arati was asleep in an upstairs room – I ran back but within moments the house was a pile of rubble.

"She had fallen through the first floor down to the ground… [but] she was still breathing.

"She has a broken leg, a fractured ribcage and bruising on her little body, but she is alive and OK. Now we're back staying in our village, where every single house has been destroyed. We have nothing left here, no clothes, no food, nothing."

As the monsoon season begins, the people of Nepal need our support more than ever to make sure they are protected from the rains.

The impact of the earthquakes on children

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world and before the earthquake, children were already vulnerable to poverty and exploitation, and lacked access to essential services. With more than 1.5 million children now sleeping in makeshift and temporary shelters, their health and safety is at even greater risk.

More than 36,000 classrooms have been destroyed, or damaged beyond use, impacting 1 million children – and we know that the longer children are out of education, the less likely they are to return, which could have a big impact on children's futures.

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How we're helping on the ground

We are on the frontline of the Nepal earthquake emergency response – saving and protecting vulnerable children.

We have reached more than 378,000 people, including more than 226,000 children. Thanks to the generosity of the Australian public, we were able to respond quickly in the immediate aftermath of the earthquakes - and our teams are on the ground right now, providing life-saving aid including:

  • Shelter kits to help families protect themselves from the rains.
  • Emergency toilets and latrines, and hygiene packs, to stop the spread of water-borne disease during the monsoon season.
  • Mobile health clinics to reach remote communities.
  • Temporary Learning Centres and Child Friendly Spaces to make sure children can continue to play and learn.

Please donate to our Nepal Earthquake Appeal

Monsoon season is a critical time for children of Nepal. Please give today to help us reach them with the vital aid they need to survive.

Nepal Earthquake Appeal