Saving more lives in emergencies

When disaster strikes, there’s no time to lose. The sooner Save the Children responds, the more lives we can save. You can help us save more children’s lives by donating to our Children’s Emergency Fund.

Children are the most vulnerable when an emergency strikes. They face injury, malnutrition and serious illness. They can be separated from their families, suffer physical abuse and trauma, and their education and wellbeing can be disrupted. So it’s important we support them as quickly as possible.

Our Children’s Emergency Fund

On average Save the Children responds to more than 55 new emergencies every year – many of which don’t even make the news. We don’t know where the next emergency will hit, but our Children’s Emergency Fund allows us to act quickly, so that more lives can be saved. Having the funds in place before an emergency strikes is critical as it means we don’t lose precious time waiting for financial support. We can get to work immediately.

When governments, individuals and organisations see that we are already delivering life-saving aid to vulnerable children, they are far more likely to give us additional funding which enables us to scale up our work even further.

Donate to our Children’s Emergency Fund

We need people like you to make sure we have the funds in place before a disaster strikes.  Become a regular supporter of the Children's Emergency Fund, and help deliver immediate life-saving aid to children and families affected by disaster. Your support will enable us to help children through disaster planning, preparedness, response and recovery work around the world.

Responding to an emergency is a race against time. Your support buys us time to save lives. Please donate today.


Help give children a better future