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Climate change charities

We’re helping vulnerable children, young people and families with climate change programs around the world. Support our programs today.

As a leading climate change charity Save the Children has programs based on preventing and adapting to the changes in our environment. We believe climate change is a child right’s issue of the first order. Children are inheriting a problem not of their own making. We ensure children’s voices are amplified in their campaign for climate justice. And we deliver on the promise of the Green Climate Fund to help millions of children and communities adapt to the impacts of climate change. You can help a child affected by climate change if you support one of the best climate change charities like Save the Children. Please give today to help the climate crisis. 

Operating for almost 100 years, we are part of a global network of the climate change charities. We have many programs focused helping children survive and tackle climate change across the world. We improve the health of children and their families so children can survive those early years of life. We help protect them from preventable illnesses that stop them playing with their friends, developing important skills and staying in school.

We believe that the climate change charities help save the children. You can help too.

Green Climate Fund

The Green Climate Fund was created to support the efforts of developing countries to respond to the challenge of climate change. It is the largest dedicated source of climate finance globally, backed by all donor countries – except Australia.  
Over the last five years, the Green Climate Fund has approved more than 170 projects worth US$9 billion. This includes thirteen projects in the Pacific worth over US$1 billion, reaching more than 1.8 million people across nine countries.
Save the Children Australia is the only development focused non-government organisation in the world accredited to the Green Climate Fund and is working closely with governments in the Pacific and beyond to design world-leading community-based adaptation projects.

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