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Stop child abuse

24 September 2019, Action for Change

Abuse can make even the most innocent things terrifying

Every 16 minutes, a child somewhere in this country is subject to some form of neglect, or physical, emotional or sexual abuse. That’s 88 children every day.

This abuse is happening right here in our own homes, schools and backyards. It’s happening in big cities, in remote towns and right down the road from you.

No child should live with this fear. 

Save the Children is working to turn that fear into hope for children, here in Australia and all around the world. Wherever there’s a need, we’re there to keep kids safe, on track and connected to community and culture.

Our programs protect and support children, stopping the cycle of abuse and giving kids the chance to thrive. Sometimes it’s providing a safe space to play and learn. Sometimes, it’s someone to talk to or providing advice on how to get out of a dangerous situation. Wherever a child is living in fear, Save the Children is working to make sure they’re not alone.  

Childhood is supposed to be carefree. But abuse turns it into a nightmare. And the effects can last a lifetime.

Alone, at home or overseas, no child should fear for their life.    

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