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Community child protection

Save the Children is helping to protect children in the Solomon Islands from violence.

Protecting children in the Solomon Islands

Our Community Child Protection program in the Solomon Islands works to educate parents, teachers and communities about child protection. It also teaches children how to voice concerns and make their own decisions.

Why protecting children in the Solomon Islands is important

Violence is an issue of great concern for children in the Solomon Islands. It may be fuelled by an excessive consumption of alcohol by parents, caregivers or other community members, and includes strong physical beatings. Children also report incidents of cruel, unusual, degrading physical punishment at school.

Sexual and gender-based violence is also a significant issue. A 2009 study by the Solomon Islands Ministry of Women and Youth Affairs on violence against women and children found 37 percent of female respondents reported that they had experienced sexual abuse during their childhood.

Our Community Child Protection program

Education is at the heart of Save the Children's child protection work in Solomon Islands. Through our Early Intervention Caregivers Program, we educate parents and caregivers about positive discipline and child protection.

Youth forums and national-level advocacy raises awareness about child protection issues. Child clubs are an important way to educate children about their rights and how to voice concerns. We aim to support more than 36 child clubs and help to train volunteers to run them.

Who makes our program possible

Save the Children partners with the Solomon Islands government and the Australian government to help protect children.

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