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Helping babies to survive in Cambodia

A mother's access to healthcare can make the difference between life and death for her newborn baby. 

Save the Children is helping pregnant women to access quality health services in Cambodia

We train and support midwives, provide support groups for mothers, and give vaccinations to children. We also provide equipment and buildings so health staff can do their job properly.

Why helping babies to survive in Cambodia is important

In recent years, Cambodia has made considerable progress towards achieving its health-related Millennium Development Goals. Unfortunately, improvements in newborn mortality have not been as positive.

Giving birth in Cambodia, particularly if you are poor, comes with high risks for the mother and the baby. The death rate for children under five years of is 40 in 1000 live births.

Save the Children's Newborn Child Survival program

Our newborn health program provides training for midwives and other health staff in Cambodia. Through mentorships and other education initiatives, we're helping to improve the quality and quantity of professional maternal healthcare. We also provide equipment and other support for health clinics and hospitals.

Save the Children educate mothers and their communities about relevant health issues and the importance of quality healthcare. Mothers groups also provide extra support after birth.

How we know we're making a difference

More than 32,000 mothers and children have benefitted from our Newborn Child Survival program in Cambodia. Seventy-three percent of pregnant women in the areas we work have given birth with a skilled birth attendant and 91 percent of children less than one year old have been fully immunised.

We've provided full training for 15 traditional birth assistants and provided mentoring and training for more than 50 professional health staff, including midwives. We've also built pregnancy wards in two health centres and one hospital.

More than 30,000 mothers and caregivers have attended health education sessions that focus on treating childhood health problems. We've also established more than 30 support groups for mothers.

Who makes our program possible

Save the Children delivers this program in partnership with the Cambodian government and the Australian government. 

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