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Fearless for children

Our 2024 Strategy sets out the goals
and drivers that will help us achieve our
ambition to create a better world for children.

Our strategy is ambitious and transformative

Our ambition for children is massive. Some would say impossible. But as our founder Eglantyne Jebb said, “It’s impossible only if we make it so. It’s impossible only if we refuse to attempt it.” Our 2024 Strategy is our best attempt to make it possible. It defines what we want the world to look like for children by 2024 and how we’re going to help make that happen.

Take a moment to listen to what young people and Save the Children staff have to say about our 2024 Strategy.

We want to increase our impact for children faster and on a larger scale than ever before. Our five ambitious goals imagine the change we want to see. And our six drivers for change will help us work smarter and more efficiently, so we achieve more for children. Through our advocacy, programs and initiatives, we will continue to advance the fight for child rights on these First Nations lands now called Australia, across the Pacific and around the world.

Together we can make it happen

Only by working together can we reach our ambitious goals, working side by side with children, young people, families, staff, volunteers, supporters, partners, and governments. We still have much to achieve together. But with this 2024 Strategy, we can move forward with hope, optimism and determination to be fearless in achieving a better world for children.

Photo: Robert McKechnie/Save the Children

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